Space Farce

The U.S. doesn’t need a “Space Force”. It’s obviously just a big hand out to the military spending.

With that money Flint could have water, Puerto Rico could have power, teachers could have supplies, people could be covered for healthcare, infrastructure could be rebuilt, renewable energy could replace fossil fuels (which are destroying the planet), national parks could be expanded, and college could be free.

Think of what else could’ve been paid for with the trillion dollar tax cut to the most wealthy people and corporations that ever existed.

If there should be a new branch of the military (since that’s the only spending nobody blinks an eye at) it should be a cyber force that protects us from real threats (China, Russia, white nationalists, terrorists) instead of… aliens? The president is a known conspiracy theorist so probably space force’s mission is to prove the earth is flat and who would be surprised if that were the case?



I’m here at 33 years old. Fuck. What am I doing?

I’m on wordpress. Fuck. I should be doing… something.

I’m mad at the world. There’s nothing I’m more sure about in the world than socialism. Capitalism is a big fuck you. Americans are the white suburban kid with rich parents acting up over not getting the new rap album. The rest of the world has to put up with us assholes. What am I talking about?

I’m mad at myself. It felt like I was going to do something important. Like I had a bomb to drop and was just picking the right place. It never happened. I keep looking for a place or even a bomb at this point.

My cliche list how to have success and self-worth

  1. Make a choice. A true choice. Not choosing means you’re scared to fail but failing shouldn’t be scary. See rule #3.
  2. Don’t rush it. Inspiration happens when you’re free of worry. If you take time then you can make a choice that means something to you. But, being too scared of failing will make you impulsively rush a decision or be paralyzed by it and not choose. Both are bad. Both will most likely make the thing you chose not as good because YOU didn’t choose it, you were just along for the ride by your fear driving the car.
  3. Accept your losses. Own it so you can let it go. You’ll grow. You will fail. It’s inevitable and really helpful. Whatever you choose is an actual thing that is a part of you. You can’t deny the foot being attached to your leg. Same with failure. You can’t move on till you accept the choice that you made that you own that is forever in your timeline. If you don’t then you’ll never get better.
  4. Don’t accept failing. Meaning that you get up again and adapt till you crack the code of what you’re trying to do. Do you need more of something in some area and less of something else in another area? Do you need to look at it differently? Is it just a matter of not being lazy? Are you making excuses? What is stopping you? Figure it out.
  5. Be useful. You’ll be happy with yourself if you’re useful. People will trust you more.