USA is Stupid and Sucks

You should see our healthcare system! It’s way more behind than chip readers. But damn if we have the best damn gun laws! Oh wait we still think it’s the wild, wild west. At least we know how to throw money away in the Middle East! That’s gotta count for something. Nope that makes everything worse. Shit, what are we doing?

Oh also rampant anti-environmental, science denying racists. We got those like nobody’s business. Nor to mention the worst diet, smallest social safety nets, and least funded school system. USA! USA! USA!

Also we elected a moron who’s working for Putin and constantly sides with white supremacists and has had an affair with a porn star while his wife was pregnant but still has full support from the Christian evangelicals.

We’re so stupid.


The Truth


If you can’t go the way then show the way and let someone else go.

If you want to run fast then do so with the admiration of the sun which will never be caught.

You can’t do it. There are so many things we’re told we can do. We honestly can’t do them. If you can do them fine, good for you. But, mostly we can’t do things. It’s not inspiring but it is the truth. Another truth is the inevitable backlash that comes from making an over generalized viewpoint on an abstract thought about zero practicality in real life details. You can do things. But, you can also not do things.

I had a discussion at work recently about how to help fight the corruption of the world. Being a former Mormon talking to a current Mormon there was an off ramp we hit where one of us kept going and the other got off in terms of practical application vs lofty idealism. I left when we got to the lofty idealism. My idea was waiting for someone who can do something and then voting for them or starting an organization that helps people. His idea, as I understood, was that everyone needed to change themselves in order for anything to change. We’re both right except my advice is realistic.

His idea depended on a coming conclusion that all faithful people wait on. The idea that God will make everything right in some sort of showdown with the world and everyone will get on board with God’s true reign in an authoritarian society of God’s law. But, the law won’t be a problem to follow because people will accept God and want to be good.

A comedic pitfall in the here and now is often an annoyance to the faithful who just want to simplify it into “God is in charge so don’t worry about it.” Meanwhile God’s current leadership is proving to let millions suffer and the planet to be destroyed. So, God’s incompetence is explained by people’s faults.

It’s not your fault the world sucks. But, it is. Because the collective identity sucks. Because the system sucks. Because there is no true system. Because God isn’t real. So, therefore the current result of our system is the disbelief in God because God isn’t real. Therefore we are screwed and can’t fix things. But, we can. If we remember that we will not live in a paradisiacal glory in some future event so let’s not get lofty ideas about doing nothing but waiting.

Yet my advice was to wait on a capable person and then vote for them. The believer is the same advice except the person is God. If you don’t believe in God then there can be no deal struck of the minds on the practical action to take now. My associate/friend was justly exposing the idea of change coming from within us individual while the change I see was coming from within our society. The change must come gradually but changing everyone won’t be doable until we have a real system that helps us be able to do things.

Right now I think we’re only capable of voting and starting an organization for charity or change because what else is there? My friend willfully testified that the governments do not matter. Also, that Hillary was responsible for a human trafficking ring yet did not believe that Russia was really an adversary manipulating our current United States President.

I feel a power that comes from a free mind where I am able to connect dots and creating something new. Where this power comes from can be explained by a divine nature or as I see it fit to say that it is genetic and was crucial to our success and survival over millions of years of evolution. Also, somehow my creativity was fostered and given an open environment to explore. Now, my life depends on it in my finance. Yet, I’m unable to fully provide what I would like to because I’m limited. I can’t be the change I want to see because I’m incapable of big things. Only little things can I do. That’s the truth within us and our society.

Tragic Heroes of Social Media

I love when people make dramatic self indulgent posts about being these tragic heroes and then someone who knows them comments like “You literally just had to put together a lego set…”

“It was hard to put the pieces of life together and make everything look so beautiful but somehow through the grace of a higher force we were able to overcome ourselves and fight through the oppression and build the batmobile in legos.”

Winning by Losing

2014-08-24 14.36.44

I’m not a champion so I don’t eat Wheaties. I eat the generic brand of Fruit Loops because it’s the breakfast of honorable mentions.

That’s me in the middle. During convention I attended with my work I saw two muscular and tan men. I took my shirt off and asked if I could get a picture with them. No questions about it. Now look at me. The winner of stealing the attention off of them. Take that muscle bound men who surely have better lives and the admiration of many. I win this photo op and do so without dignity.

Eggs in a Basket

If you put all your self-worth and importance into one aspect then you’ll have extreme lows and highs. Having multiple areas of interests, abilities, etc. will help sustain you when one goes down. It’s hard because one usually is the lead so it seems more valuable to become more emotionally involved. But, having a couple horses in the race hedges your bets for success. Diversify your funds. Eggs in multiple baskets. There’s a million ways to say these kinds of things.