nowadays you can respond to any text with just random letters and they’ll be like “shoot gotta check urban dictionary on a new acronym”

Slang is just a system update everyone does in order to participate in pop culture


I like how painkillers work. Basically they just shut off the phone calls to the brain from the area that’s hurt. That’s like if the Fire Department just said “Yeah, I just don’t want to hear it right now” to like a house on fire.

Fuck Democrats, Please Save us Democrats

Democrats need to primary anyone talking about “reaching across the aisle” because all that does is move Democrats more to the Right. I don’t see the Right make any efforts to move to the Left.

Conservative states voted for Progressive policies on the ballot yet still elected Republican politicians who will gut them.

Democrats aren’t making the case for the Left. Centrism is a losing strategy because no one is truly Centrist. Less Republicans voted for Biden than Hillary. Trump expanded his voting base among women and minorities this election.

No one wants “Republican Lite” except the Democrat elites because they also have corporate donors.Every Progressive politician who ran on Medicare for All and Progressive policies won and expanded. But, the DNC still treats them like a disease.

The Republican John Kasich needs to NOT be welcomed among Democrats because he’s not going to do anything but want to cut spending on needed programs.

With Obama and the moderate corporate Democrats ganging up on Bernie in the primary it was clear that the DNC is still fighting for their corporate donors. Meanwhile the policies of progressives poll very well. So, the Democrats are cock blocking Progressives more than anyone.

But, can we change the party to save us from income inequality and Climate Change? That’s our only hope.