Be patient and loving to yourself.

It’s better to be authentic, vulnerable, courageous, pure than insincere and pleasing others.

Be curious.


Mormon Thought Police

It really doesn’t matter that much what you listen to. If you feel good listening to it then do it. Sometimes angry music feels great. Sometimes depressing music is extremely helpful. Vulgar music is really fun sometimes.

Watch and listen to what you like. Art is not the devil.

The real enemy is the thought police meant to control you by guilt and self hatred for being normal and natural.

Art is enjoyed because it’s the human spirit, the human experience, the beauty by multiple definitions. What someone calls ugly might be breathtaking to another. It’s subject to opinion.

The same freedom to enjoy the art is the same that was used to make it. Be free.


Clothes with a specific flare (logos, pop culture, brand, type of pants, etc) are ways to put out a signal to the masses. The overly unique seek out an overly unique, those that are mortified by being mistaken for the regulars look to say something bold to attract their own.

Some really want to stand out and some are trying to not. Insecurities of being different vs insecurities of being boring.

Making an Indifference

The universe doesn’t give a shit. Why do you? You value potential but why? If you lived a thousand years what difference does it make to the universe? Zero.

Having kids makes me see that I am the force in the universe that keeps them going. I mold them, teach them, love them and try to keep them alive because I see potential and value them but I don’t expect the universe to value what I do. That’s just the tough thing about having knowledge of what you don’t know. You just can’t have control and it sucks. Everyone I know could die and I could not do anything about it. No do-overs. No rehearsals.

Obedience is not the highest form of morality. It’s not moral if it means nothing. Following orders is slavery. Slavery is not freedom. Freedom is choice. Choice is dominant in morality.

Idaho and Wyoming

Idaho probably had a meeting where they looked at each other and said “Fuck it! Potatoes!” and everyone cheered.

Wyoming had a similar meeting. They looked around and then someone said “Fuck it!” and that was it.

Add or All

I was prescribed Adderall. It’s helpful but only if you can stay on task with it. What I mean is this- if you’re ADHD then you can’t stay on task but you might be able to prioritize. With Adderall you pick a lane and stay in it. So, often you can get stuck on something that doesn’t matter as much but your brain is really into it. You go the extra mile but possibly in the wrong direction.